5-Day Meditation 

with Erin Lee
Founder, The Mindful Yoga School

Get free meditation audios, a downloadable journal, and daily support from Erin during this 5-Day Meditation Experience! 

New to meditation? Looking to reignite your existing practice?

Get genuine support across the next five-days, and beyond.

Meditation Journal

Track your experience in meditation each day, with a simple template.


Short, easy-to-make-time-for, meditation audios that make easing into a meditation practice very achievable.

Genuine Support

Daily emails with tips and guidance PLUS access to the private My Mindful Tribe Facebook group for you to ask Erin questions.

"This 5-Day Experience has been my saving grace this week!"


"I've found peace and gratitude, instead of feeling annoyed by things around me!"


"I loved this experience! Meditating each morning has definitely made me more mindful during the day. I also now don't feel the pressure of a 'failed meditation'."


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