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Living A More Purpose-Full Life: The missing ingredient

It can seem so far-fetched and somewhat mystical when people talk about 'manifestation' and 'achieving more by doing less'.

Have you tried it before?

You know how it goes...you get clear on a certain outcome or goal that you'd like to achieve, put it out there to the universe, and then....

You feel disheartened when it hasn't come into fruition.

Or you've tried the 'do less' method: sat back waiting for what you're constantly thinking about to manifest (in a law-of-attraction-kind-of-way) and then

...cricket, cricket.

There's usually one missing ingredient and I'm going to share a story with you that I hope demonstrates how a slight shift in method could be all that's needed. 

Wind back the clock to '98, and I'm in my very first yoga class at an Ashtanga studio in West End, Townsville. My veterinarian housemate and school teacher friend have suggested I join them. 

I'm sure glad they did: after that one single class I sensed a positive shift in my whole state of being. It was an inspired feeling - expansive, light, spacious...

Fast forward fifteen years later, during which time I've ebbed and flowed in my consistency with the practice, and I decide to take that inspired feeling from fifteen years earlier to the next level.

I join a yoga teacher training program.

My beautiful yoga teacher asks me to write down my intention for the program. Check out what I wrote here on page 1 of my notebook back then: 

I didn't really know at the time that the '...helping others achieve the same...' bit would have meant that I would one day be running The Mindful Yoga School, supporting yoga enthusiasts to immerse themselves deeper into the practice (just like I did) and with the potential to become yoga teachers themselves.

Back then, I guess I had an inkling at most, that I may be teaching yoga here and there. Even that was kind of hard to imagine at the beginning of my own teacher training.

Yet as I delved deeper into yoga I learnt that this was more a practice of presence, rather than merely a movement class with a bit of spiritual flavour sprinkled around.

And a practice of presence requires that we notice all of our egoic ways in life: our hard-edged judgements, opinions, preferences, rights and wrongs. Our areas of resistance against life and other people, that ultimately creates our own suffering. 

The more I allowed presence in, the more I saw that my own self-doubt stood in the way of me sharing the incredibly healing powers of yoga...

The more I allowed presence in, the more I could watch over my own fears about not being good enough, and worrying about what others might think...

The more I allowed presence in, the more I noticed I held a belief that it was impossible to be a yoga teacher and earn a decent income to support two young children...

I started to notice that beyond my egoic patterns and ways, lived a version of me that felt more real: less worried about what others thought, less busy, more curious and definitely more loving of life. I could even make peace with unpleasant events of the past, and difficult relationships. 

My yoga teacher training deepened my understanding of the ancient yogic pathways,  quickly helping to dissolve areas of constriction in my life,  and allowing more expansive and spacious ideas, opportunities, people and events to flow through my life again. 

As I came to now live in full alignment of that which I had written down as my intention, I realised that the key to bringing my intention alive was getting more present. More in touch with the authentic Erin that lived beyond the impermanent, ever-changing nature of the body and mind.

So nothing more needed to be added on, to make my intention come alive...

What I was seeking was never going to be achieved through doing more...

Noticing what was distracting me and obscuring the present moment, was all I needed to become aware of, in order to let the creative process unfold so quickly.

I literally just needed to 'get out of my own way'!

More moments of presence had been the missing ingredient.

The more I keep practicing presence through the yogic pathway, the more my intention keeps expanding in ways I never could have imagined. 

Set a beneficial intention. Then spend more time getting present, moment-by-moment.

Without any sense of control, come to see the ways of the ego that are getting in the way of your intended experience. Watch over these patterns with lightness. Thank them for showing themselves to you.

Rest back into your true nature and blend it with the truth of this moment - without any judgment, opinion or perspective.

The more we can get intentional, then rest back into a spacious awareness of life as it is right now, the more we get to co-create with the divine, and truly bring our intentions into a magical reality.

So, set your intention THEN spend more time getting present. 


Move your body, and notice what you're doing as you're doing it.

Sit and breathe, and do nothing else, while you allow your mind to watch over each inhale as it enters the body, and each exhale as it leaves the body.

Where ever you are right now, look around the room and find one object to gaze at in a curious and kind way (good practice for doing the same with your loved ones).

The more moments of presence you can drop into, the more you allow for the creative process of life - and your intention, to become a reality.

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