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Boundaries as Your New Best Friends

Things are moving quickly.

There’s an accelerated energy in the air this year. It’s an incredible time to be alive in the world.

Yet it’s also an important time to not get ‘carried away’.

Now more than ever, we need to tap into our true inner yes’s and no’sto keep us living in full alignment with our own core values. 

We need to call on our sovereignty.

What is sovereignty?

Personal sovereignty gets expressed through our declared personal boundaries.

Instead of hard and fast rules that get dished out with a motivation of self-preservation, greed and 'power over' (think ruler protecting the kingdom or forcing ownership over others with an intent of possession and control), sovereign boundaries are instead courageously expressed WITH LOVE.

We speak up about what feels right for us and what doesn't. It can be a hard conversation to have, but when we carry an intent of love with us, it softens the walls of judgement and...

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