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Living A More Purpose-Full Life: The missing ingredient

It can seem so far-fetched and somewhat mystical when people talk about 'manifestation' and 'achieving more by doing less'.

Have you tried it before?

You know how it goes...you get clear on a certain outcome or goal that you'd like to achieve, put it out there to the universe, and then....

You feel disheartened when it hasn't come into fruition.

Or you've tried the 'do less' method: sat back waiting for what you're constantly thinking about to manifest (in a law-of-attraction-kind-of-way) and then

...cricket, cricket.

There's usually one missing ingredient and I'm going to share a story with you that I hope demonstrates how a slight shift in method could be all that's needed. 

Wind back the clock to '98, and I'm in my very first yoga class at an Ashtanga studio in West End, Townsville. My veterinarian housemate and school teacher friend have suggested I join them. 

I'm sure glad they did: after that one single class I sensed a positive shift in my whole state of...

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