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Getting Your Mojo Back After Facing Tough Times

Have you ever experienced challenging times, and felt so struck down by the event that it was hard to imagine ever seeing the light of a happy day again?

Some years ago now, I experienced a very turbulent period of my life. My husband and father to our two young daughters, dropped dead suddenly as we were walking and talking. No cause of death was ever determined.

In the early days following the event, it was difficult to imagine how I was ever going to be able to live a happy and fulfilling life again. The symptoms of grief had me captured and it felt all-consuming.

Thankfully, there were things already in place in my life that eventually helped to release the shackles of suffering.

Like my yoga, mindfulness and meditation practice.

Every time I hit the mat for a yoga session and began moving my body and breath, energy was shifting. The movement and rising heat wasn't just purifying on a physical level, it was also allowing all my thoughts and feelings about the...

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