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Unveiling Clarity: How to make space for wisdom

It’s in our nature to ebb and flow in life - to experience both pleasant and unpleasant times.

Of course, everything feels so wonderful when things are going our way in life - when we’re ‘in flow’. Yet during the ebbs - when things may not feel like they’re going our way anymore, our experience with life feels a little more tense and constricted

We become unclear, uncertain. Perhaps even overwhelmed, anxious and full of emotionally reactivity...

We get confused about what our next best step in life is.

If we don't catch it, the downward spiral continues. When we resist life and tense up, access to our inner Knowing constricts. The more we don't know what to do, the more we tense up and resist life. Our wise intuition further constricts...and so on it goes.

While it’s natural for us to want to avoid life’s unpleasant moments, it comes down to our relationship with these moments that determines how fast we’re able to turn...

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