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I'm ready to say YES! to a happy life

I like to keep the path to happiness simple...

Move your body.

Notice your breath.

Be aware of your own thoughts and feelings.

Choose kindness.


Here's what we're going to do in Happiness Online...

1 - Reconnect to Your Body & Remember Who You Are

Weekly mindful yoga videos made for EVERY BODY, designed to awaken your highest potential. Be guided to move and breathe in ways that will encourage self-acceptance, raise your self-confidence and trust in your own abilities. You'll feel more empowered and happy within yourself, and inspired for living a more connected and fulfilling life.

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2 - Tap Into Your Own Inner Bliss

A library of meditation audios will guide you to feel more relaxed and grounded,  sleep better, be more creative, get better at decision making, open up to wise insights, and get in touch with a happier version of yourself. Used regularly, these meditation audios will clear the clutter of everyday life and create space in the mind, paving the way for new expansive thoughts and opportunities in life.

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3 - Open Yourself to New Possibilities and Opportunities

Video trainings to learn how to integrate happiness across all areas of your everyday life - to your business, relationships, health, career, self-discovery, goals - all areas. 

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Connect in with Erin and the Happiness Online community once a month on a video call, and receive live training and meditations, hear from guest speakers, and hang out with your happy tribe.

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'I can now live my best life armed with the understanding of just how much your thoughts create your reality, and that all that I need is within me. Erin's yoga and mindfulness teachings have truly opened my eyes and heart.'

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'A woman who is truly aligned with love, peace and joy. I was lucky enough to experience my first yoga class with Erin. The skills I have learnt, I now use in my everyday life to allow peace and true happiness into my mind, soul and body. Thank you Erin.'

Let's keep things simple and easy...


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Accessible Anytime, Anywhere, When You Want.

Download the app to your phone or access via desktop. All videos and audios are downloadable for offline access. 

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Tap Into A Happy Community

As a Happiness Online member you get to connect with other like-minded members from all over the world, inside your member portal and once a month via a live video-call.

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Special Member-Only Offers

Get discounted offers and VIP tickets to Erin's events and courses, both online and in-person.

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  • New weekly yoga videos 
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  • Mindfulness videos and other happiness resources
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  • Once a month video call with Erin and the Happiness Online tribe
  • Special member-only offers

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I'm ready to say YES! to a happy life